Why some people are immune from scandal – until they’re not

Media play a role in determining whether bad behaviour makes public figures fall from grace, say management experts

Why some people are immune from scandal – until they’re notBy Marco Clemente, Jo-Ellen Pozner and Tim Hannigan Scandals are violent shocks to social systems in which public figures may fall from grace. Societies have long been captivated by scandals embroiling powerful people. Film producer Harvey Weinstein and financier Jeffrey Epstein come easily to mind, as does American actor Johnny Depp, whose libel case against a U.K. tabloid…

What was gained from grilling grocery CEOs?

Witnesses testifying before parliamentary committees are often used as political puppets to support underlying agendas

What was gained from grilling grocery CEOs?Top Canadian grocers testified before a parliamentary standing committee last week to explain why all COVID-19 incentive programs in their operations were cancelled within hours. Most grocery store and distribution centre employees were paid extra at the beginning of the pandemic, only to see wages go back to pre-COVID levels now. CEOs who testified were…

To mask or not to mask?

It really comes down to your comfort level, belief system and what you want to do until instructed otherwise

To mask or not to mask?Toronto Mayor John Tory announced on June 30 that face masks would become mandatory inside enclosed public spaces in the city. This would include grocery stores, shops, malls and on public transit. Children under the age of two and people with medical conditions that make it difficult to wear a mask would be the only…
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