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The MKZ: not your father’s Lincoln

The MKZ: not your father’s Lincoln

The MKZ Hybrid is a lovely automobile in many ways but a road-scorcher it ain’t. I like the idea of a luxury car with an environmental conscience. Who says upscale cars have to be wasteful and thirsty?

Are minivans the modern everyman vehicle?

Today’s breed of these people-movers can be fast, comfortable, powerful and, sometimes, more than competent when it comes to handling and braking. Here are three used models to consider

Back in the saddle, safely

Motorcycle season is upon us again – finally. Here’s what you can do to make your rides stress-free (and accident-free)

Used car review: It’s hip to be square

The 2011 Scion xB is utilitarian without being bleak and although it’s aimed at physically active gen-Yers, it’s bound to appeal to anyone who needs to move stuff or people on a regular basis