Vincenzo Aliberti talks about how Empowering Minds gives young people the confidence and resilience to be successful

Vincenzo Aliberti is executive director of Empowering Minds.

Vincenzo Aliberti, executive director of Empowering Minds.

Calgary’s Business: What is Empowering Minds? When did it get started? And how many youth has the organization touched since its inception?

Aliberti: Empowering Minds is a Calgary-based not-for-profit that provides youth and educators with proven and innovative youth programs that develop the confidence, resiliency and focus necessary to thrive in today’s world. Since its inception in 2006, through Empowering Minds programs over 10,000 youth have experienced learning in a new way. With a focus on social emotional learning, our programs challenge youth to be more aware of themselves and their relationships. Our programs highlight the importance of setting and achieving goals, self-management and leaving a positive impact on the world around them. Empowering Minds partners with schools, community initiatives and local and corporate funders to deliver sustainable, unforgettable programs for youth.

CB: I see that you have three major programs. What is your Empowered U program about?

Aliberti: Empowered U is our signature leadership program. Through various experiential activities we shine a light on the skills that are already within our youth. Once highlighted, we then help identify the ways to tap into them and take them to another level. It’s about hands-on experience. By doing and listening and really pushing themselves, our youth will walk away more confident and resilient. They will become a difference maker who can be either part of a team or take charge to make an impact.

CB: You have a program called ConneX. Can you shed some light on that program?

Aliberti: ConneX empowers today’s learners to share their perspectives, their cultures and their unique experiences to discover their potential impact as a global citizen. This program results in a Community Impact Project that highlights their ability to be not only responsible citizens, but deepens their understanding of issues and aids them in making informed judgments.

CB: Can you also shed some line on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens program?

Aliberti: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens builds self-confidence, self-esteem and strengthens interpersonal skills. Using interactive activities, students learn how to gain greater control of their lives and improve relationships with their family and friends while helping define their own values and what matters most to them.

CB: How can corporate Calgary help Empowering Minds and why should it help the organization?

Aliberti: We are very fortunate that we live in a city such as Calgary, one that is so philanthropic in nature. If organizations are willing donate their time, we have volunteering opportunities available for their associates. We also have a sponsorship opportunities with our signature event, Live and Unsigned, which is taking place later on in the year at the Bella Theatre at Mount Royal University. Last, funding is something that as a non-profit organization we are looking for. If you or your organization would like to provide funding to better evolve our programs, feel free to contact me directly at We know that our organization would not be sustainable without the tremendous support of our funders, schools and community partners, and it is through them that we are able to create the leaders that Calgary deserves.

– Mario Toneguzzi

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