Owner Nancy Nasr’s boutique store in the CORE stays realistic while stressing independence and creativity

Nancy Nasr is owner of the Think Stunning boutique store in The CORE shopping centre.

Nancy Nasr
Nancy Nasr

Tell me when you started Think Stunning and what you sell?

Nasr: Think Stunning opened its doors on May 2017 at The CORE shopping mall to provide women with unique accessories made by little-known brands, family businesses and women entrepreneurs from all over the world.

I understand you have also launched your own product? Tell me about that and how the product is being made?

Nasr: It was July 2015 when I joined many other unemployed professionals in one of the worst market’s crisis in Calgary. Think Stunning was just an idea that became a reality on December 2015. The idea was to create a lunch bag for women that will help them eat healthier on the go without sacrificing style. Something I couldn’t find for myself while working for a corporation.

I designed a lunch bag that looks like a purse because I felt the pain of so many women having to carry their food in shopping bags. It was not healthy and very embarrassing. I wanted to create a professional-looking lunch bag that will help us not just to save money but to eat healthier on the go.

My lunch bag is made with a waterproof fabric that looks very elegant, it has three layers of insulated material and the lining is made with EVA. It keeps the food fresh up to five hours. My lunch bag is available at Staples.ca as well as in my boutique at The CORE and my website at https://www.thinkstunning.com/

Why did you decide to open up shop in The CORE shopping centre?

Nasr: There always seems to be something going on downtown. It’s absolutely vibrant and women are very stylish.

The CORE shopping mall has created the perfect environment for people to enjoy their visit – from the Devonian public park to exclusive retailers, local shops, excellent food options, to a variety of special events to create memorable experiences to customers.

How has business been for you considering the tough economic time it’s been in Calgary in the last couple of years?

Nasr: Financial crisis can be very stressful. They require an extra focus and attention to detail but they’re also a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to learn more about their businesses.

I’m on the stage of building my community, listening to customers, finding out how could I serve them better. I believe that by staying positive-realistic during hard circumstances and by being creative on adding value to the customer’s experience without incurring in extra costs, it can help businesses survive a crisis.

I don’t opt for sudden, short-term gains, I’m looking to take a long-term view of things.

What are your plans for growth for Think Stunning?

Nasr: Think Stunning is in the process of creating its core values that will be the base for our future expansion. My vision is to be the little window that offers amazing products made by little-known brands that have no representation in Canada, to empower and to support local women entrepreneurs as well as women from all over the world.

Think Stunning is building a community to help women to Think Stunning and to stay positive even during the tough moments.

– Mario Toneguzzi

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