Five questions with Roy Queener of Quorum Canada

Roy Queener is president of Quorum Canada. The company has teamed up with Microsoft for an executive briefing of software platform myQuorum today at the Microsoft Technology Center in Calgary. It’s the first Quorum Microsoft Technology Center event in Canada. Quorum has partnered with Microsoft to develop the Modern Energy Workplace and launch its latest innovation, myQuorum. Queener spoke with Calgary’s Business.

Calgary’s Business: What is Quorum and what does it do?

Queener: Quorum is a leading technology company focused entirely on managing hydrocarbons from exploration all the way through the processing, transportation to market. We offer leading technology across the entire essentially energy back office.

CB: Why is technology becoming more important to the oil and gas industry?

Roy Queener, president of Quorum Canada.

Queener: If you look at software that’s out in the market, particularly in the energy space, a lot of that technology prohibits customers from truly being able to maximize their data. … Where we feel we’re differentiated is we’re making software that essentially gets your data to work for you by creating solutions that are focused on the end-user, focused on the individual actually trying to use the software, what they’re trying to accomplish and driving the information they need to be successful on a day-to-day, week-to-week basis. With the technology that’s out there today we feel strongly that a lot of that technology really puts the burden on the end-user to pull together all the technology. … It’s really less about what they’re trying to accomplish and it really comes down to trying to make technology and IT work for them. And where we feel our software is different is it’s pulling the information and it’s pulling the technology together in a way that is wrapped around their role and their objectives.

CB: There is obviously opportunity for future growth in this?

Queener: Absolutely. Our event at the Microsoft Technology Center is showing how we’re taking that platform and that user experience really to the next level. We think it’s going to provide customers tons of opportunity to take the platform we’ve developed and really build on it themselves.

CB: What’s the event about and its purpose?

Queener: We’ve been a partner in Microsoft from the founding of the company. What we’re doing right now is collaborating with Microsoft essentially to launch their Modern Energy Workplace and what we’re focused on (in this event) is how we’re applying the principles of the Modern Energy Workplace to land in Canada. We released our myQuorum Land Canada, which is a persona-based user experience focused entirely along the roles and responsibilities that come with managing land in Canada. What we’re doing is we’re releasing our Design Studio product for land in Canada. … It allows customers to build dashboards and workflows.

CB: Has the economic climate of the past few years been conducive to having companies adopt technology?

Queener: It’s been a pretty tough market. Everybody’s felt that. If you look at where the industry is today, companies are trying to get faster. The plays that they’re in. The value of having good data and fast really matters. If you look at the interest that we’ve seen from customers in the marketplace and the decisions that they’re making in terms of evaluating software or putting up proposals for information on it, you’re starting to see it pick up. It’s companies trying to transform themselves from an older technology landscape into something that’s faster, quicker, that gets them more data, that’s happening right now. I do think it’s really starting to pick up.

– Mario Toneguzzi

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