Kim Kilback of Central Bark Doggy Daycare strives to care for canines and connect dog lovers in a social hub

Kim Kilback is manager of Central Bark Doggy Daycare.

Kim Kilback, manager of Central Bark Doggy Daycare.

Calgary’s Business: What does Central Bark Doggy Daycare offer?

Kilback: Central Bark Doggy Daycare offers daycare, grooming, canine massage therapy, training and numerous events to connect dog lovers in a social hub. Our events include DOGA (yoga with your dogs), Single Mingle Doggy Dingles (speed dating for single dog parents), Kids & K9s (teaching young children about pet ownership responsibilities), meet-up groups and so much more.

CB: Why have pet-related businesses exploded in recent years?

Kilback: Calgary has always been a dog lovers’ paradise and the demand has increased over the years because our clients’ lifestyles have changed. Calgarians love their fur babies, but also live busy lives and work long hours. Pet services like dog daycare and grooming facilities relieve the stress and guilt for pet owners who leave their pets at home for long periods of time. Leaving them in the care of  pet service professionals gives them peace of mind.

CB: Who do you see as your target market for customers?

Kilback: Our target market includes anyone from urbanites to those commuting into the busy downtown area. We’re also focused on welcoming those with highly anxious dogs who prefer one-on-one care.

CB: Do you have any expansion plans for the business?

Kilback: Currently we offer daycare services and hope to add overnight boarding in the upcoming months.

CB: What is your biggest challenge these days as a small business owner?

Kilback: What is that famous saying? “If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.” I wish I could say it was easy, but every small business comes with its challenges. In our experience, our biggest struggle was getting the doors opened quickly to service Calgarians. But we are opened now and so the next biggest challenge is spreading the word and letting people know we are not only a dog daycare but so much more.

– Mario Toneguzzi

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