Jeff Bradshaw of V Strategies talks about how an entrepreneur must constantly find ways to be innovative and stay relevant

Jeff Bradshaw is president and CEO of V Strategies.

Jeff Bradshaw

Tell me about V Strategies. What is it and what does it do?

Bradshaw: We’re a video production company. We’ve been in business coming up to 22 years and our primary focus is we do a lot of corporate marketing, learning video content. We also do photography.

Why was the company established?

Bradshaw: I used to work for CTV back in the day and I was selling advertising and at the time I actually started a software company. It was going to be an advertising management software and I thought well I’ll just start up a production company on the side to supplement my income and here we are 22 years later still in business. The software company came and went.

How has business been in these tough economic times?

Bradshaw: It has been a major struggle for us, like many. We went through the 2008 downturn and we really didn’t feel much of the effects of that. This one, we’re feeling the effects. We’re still generating business and we’re still edging out a slight profit, but it’s like pulling teeth and I’ve never been through anything like this ever before.

The pie has gotten a lot smaller so we’ve had to get creative in how we can try to get a bigger piece of the pie.

What has been your biggest challenge being an entrepreneur?

Bradshaw: Being an entrepreneur, the biggest challenge is just the fact that in my view is you can never let your foot off the pedal. You’ve constantly got it on the pedal because people say, “How are you doing? Are you busy?” And I’m saying, “We’re either busy doing the work or we’re busy looking for the work. It never ends.”

So to me the challenge around entrepreneurship is just constantly trying to find ways to be innovative and stay relevant.

What are your plans for the company?

Bradshaw: The plans for our company is we are still evolving. One thing that we’ve just announced is that we’re in the middle of a merge with Joe Media. I’ve known Matt Gillespie for 35-plus years and we’ve just announced that we’re actually merging the two companies and putting them together and the plan is to kind of re-invent the way we’re doing video in the province.

– Mario Toneguzzi for Calgary’s Business

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