Lisa Krzyzewski worked in the oil industry for years, but after suffering eight years of chronic pain, she founded Aeon Future Health

Lisa Krzyzewski is founder of  Aeon Future Health.

Lisa KrzyzewskiCan you give me a little bit about your background and what you did in the energy sector?

Krzyzewski: Before striking out on my own, I led corporate planning for Cenovus Energy’s Upstream business, a role coined “chief of staff” for the executive vice president of upstream, because I worked with the team on strategy, organizational effectiveness, and financial management. Prior to this, I led Cenovus’s Facilities Project Management team, delivering major surface facility projects in the oil sands. I began my career working in risk consulting at a multinational insurance broker but was interested in more direct exposure to the energy industry so I shifted into consulting with Husky Energy. There, as part of the Exploration & Production Services team, I developed and managed the upstream portfolio of business improvement projects. I continued to consult for a number of years but eventually, I was hired at Cenovus full time as the manager of operational excellence where I was responsible for the strategy, design and implementation of the company’s management system, as well as for continuous improvement across the business.

Why did you quit a career in the energy sector to pursue a career in health?

Krzyzewski: My time in the energy sector was interesting and rewarding but my career hit a glass ceiling. I had also been quietly coping with eight years of chronic pain and felt let down by our health care system, so I had become my own health advocate. These two factors pushed me towards the realization that I was uniquely positioned as an experienced businesswoman and self-made “biohacker” (biohacking is the process of using leading-edge technology, science, and other tools to improve your biology and become the best version of yourself) to help others who want access to health optimization beyond the conventional system. I truly believe aging is a disease and we should treat it as such. While there’s still a long way to go, the research science on longevity is far more advanced than most people know. Unfortunately, what science is teaching us today takes a long time before it gets adopted by mainstream medicine. That’s just how the system works. For me, it’s unacceptable to wait 20 to 30 years for such research to go mainstream in order to leverage what the titans of Silicon Valley are using now to better their health. Why not bring the future forward to those who want to take control of their health – now! So, I quit my corporate job and started Aeon Future Health.

Tell me about your new venture and what it is?

Krzyzewski: Aeon Future Health is Canada’s first longevity and health optimization facility to offer a comprehensive package of leading-edge, evidence-based technology and medical protocols to help you be as healthy as possible for as long as possible. In one convenient location you will be able to optimize your body’s health and performance, recover faster and minimize pain, protect against mental decline and manage stress, as well as increase your fitness. Our first location will be opening in Calgary in early 2020. While we’re not a traditional health clinic, we will have qualified doctors and nurses on staff. We are also not a gym but we will have advanced AI -based equipment to change your body composition and overall fitness in one workout a week and only 10 minutes of cardio at a time. I’ve taken on several non-traditional roles in my career and I feel that Aeon is no different in the way it challenges the norms. I guess you could call us that square peg in a round hole, forging new ground when it comes to disease prevention and longevity.

What is your mission with the new venture?

Krzyzewski: Our mission is to measurably reverse your biological clock leaving you feeling and performing at your best, now and into the future. We fill the gap left by conventional “sick-care” and work with people to optimize their current health and prevent future illness. I like to think of us like a hub at the centre of a wheel because we leverage so many tools available to enhance someone’s health. We use the latest evidence-based physical treatments like pulsed electro-magnetic therapy and cold immersion, as well as biomarker testing, nutrition, supplementation, IVs, pharmaceuticals, and hormone replacement. We are also on top of emerging procedures such as stem cell therapies and peptides. Our medical director is a highly-respected Calgary surgeon who is committed to using his surgical skill and experience with human anatomy to advance procedures and research in these areas, so I’m excited to be part of what I hope will become common protocols to increase “healthspan” in the future.
That said, it takes a movement to change the system, so I encourage everyone to join our Facebook group through the Aeon Facebook Page. We are sharing what we know, what we are discovering, and practical ways to get the most out of health care and longevity science!

What have been the greatest challenges you’ve had to deal with in becoming an entrepreneur?

Krzyzewski: There are two challenges that come to mind right away:
1) Leaving a large corporation, being my own boss, and working my own hours (aka: all hours!) I thought everything would happen at lightning speed compared to my previous work experiences. It turns out this is not the case and most steps in building a business take longer than you think so the challenge has been to reset my expectations and then try to construct work plans that can accommodate this variable of uncertainty.

2) The vibe in Calgary is still subdued and economic uncertainty prevails. It’s scary to start a new business in these conditions. Entrepreneurs are and must be highly risk tolerant and optimistic but balancing that with pragmatism is an art that probably comes with experience.

Lisa was interviewed by Mario Toneguzzi.

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