Must adopt "business-forward policies that allow Canada to seize the opportunities to be a world leader in energy, innovation and talent"

The Calgary and Edmonton Chambers of Commerce have joined forces in urging federal parties to adopt “business-forward policies that allow Canada to seize the opportunities to be a world leader in energy, innovation and talent.”

On Monday, the Chambers released their key priorities that should be addressed by federal parties seeking to form the next government with the election taking place in later October.

Sandip Lalli
Calgary Chamber President & CEO Sandip Lalli

“We need to have meaningful ‘and’ conversations to move forward, together,” said Calgary Chamber President & CEO Sandip Lalli in a news release. “We must take decisive action to bolster Canada’s global competitiveness and stimulate innovation, increase market access interprovincially and internationally, develop talent and adapt to changing technologies.”

“We’re strongly encouraging federal parties to adopt business-forward policies to ensure Canada takes advantage of the opportunities that have been presented to us,” said Janet Riopel, President & CEO of the Edmonton Chamber. “We must make bold choices now to boost competitiveness or risk watching from the sidelines as other nations compete and win.”

The Chambers said they identified five key election priorities that will allow Canada to lead the global fight against climate change, increase trade within and beyond our borders, modernize our tax system, equip our workforce with the skills to thrive, and address our fiscal imbalance.

They are:

  • Develop environment and climate policies that stimulate competition.
  • Expand market access and trade.
  • Create a globally competitive tax system.
  • Close the talent and skills gap.
  • Plan for our fiscal future.

For more information, policy recommendations featured in initiative can be found here: 2019 Federal Election Platform – Priorities for a Competitive Future.

“We know that when businesses are successful, communities across the country benefit. Growing businesses create jobs, invest in Canada, and – most importantly – give back into our communities,” said the Chambers in their report.

“The choice is not EITHER OR. It is not a matter of being ‘pro-energy development’ or ‘pro-environment.’ We can do both, we must have more meaningful AND conversations to move forward, together. We must take decisive action to get Canadian products to international markets, stimulate innovation, increase market access interprovincially and internationally, develop talent and adapt to changing technologies, and fight climate change globally while sustainably developing Canada’s natural resources. Our platform works to encourage all federal parties to take a unified and holistic look at Canada and ensure Canada is a global leader.  We encourage Calgary’s business community to read our full platform, and engage with us throughout the upcoming months as we talk more about Canada’s economy.”

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