74 per cent of workers would like to telecommute more often when physical distancing restrictions lift

A new survey, released Friday by Robert Half, indicates 55 per cent of office professionals who transitioned to a remote setup during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic say they have better work-life balance.

The survey also found that 74 per cent of workers would like to telecommute more often when physical distancing restrictions lift and  72 per cent of employees say they will rethink shaking hands with business contacts.

“COVID-19 has impacted so many aspects of our daily lives — and when buildings reopen, the office environments we return to may look very different from the ones we left,” said David King, Robert Half senior district president, in a news release. “Now is the time for both organizations and employees to explore new ways to create safe, motivating and engaging spaces as business needs, and work cultures, evolve.

“People have had a chance to reflect during this period of isolation, and many workers are now looking at their professional lives, and overall career expectations, with new eyes. Employers should take advantage of this time of transition to reevaluate their priorities and integrate positive change — whether through more innovative office layouts, health standards or flexible work options — that will resonate not only with current staff, but also appeal to future employees.”

Other survey results include:

  • 46 per cent of professionals worry about being in close proximity to their colleagues;
  • 74 per cent would like to work remotely more frequently than before the outbreak;
  • At the same time, 59 per cent believe it will be more difficult to build strong relationships with colleagues if teams aren’t in the same building as much;
  • 73 per cent plan to schedule fewer in-person meetings;
  • At the same time, 75 per cent feel they will go back better prepared to support or cover for coworkers who need to be out of the office;
  • 56 per cent anticipate spending less time in common areas in the office;
  • Six in 10 will reconsider attending in-person business events (61 per cent) and travelling for business (59 per cent); and
  • 69 per cent think there will be fewer in-person social and team-building activities with colleagues.

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